"One Equipment - Dual Use" LaserCut + Tube can cut not only sheet metal, but tubes as well. It can save more than 50% of space by eliminating the need to purchase two sets of machines, resulting in improved production efficiency.

-Ability to use cutting gases: oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air

-The presence of an automatic change system (including two pallets) for alternate cutting / unloading of sheets

-Linear (gearless) drive along all coordinate axes

-Size of cutting area 3000 * 1500 (mm)

-Work with steel sheets weighing up to 800 kg

-Processing accuracy, positioning not lower than 0.1 mm / m

-Ability to install a module for automatic loading of sheets, removal of blanks and waste, installation of a loading station with the ability to place stacks of sheets of various thicknesses.

Work zone
X axis, mm                                         3050
Axis Y, mm                                         1550
Z axis, mm                                           100
Max. Weight, kg                                 900
Max. speed
Idling, X/Y/Z m/min                          120/120/60
Working movement, X/Y/Z m/min     60/60/40
Positioning, mm / m                               0.05
Repeatability, mm / m                            0.01
Overall dimensions and weight of the machine
Length, mm                                              7 955
Width, mm                                               3 060
Height, mm                                              2 200
Weight, kg                                             ~ 7 500
Installed equipment power, kW       ~ 40
Total power consumption, kW          ~ 26

Main advantages:


- High accuracy and speed of contour processing of sheet material;
- No need for highly purified gases to protect the optical energy transmission path;
- Efficiency of technological processes of cutting;
- Low operating costs for machine maintenance;
- Optimum performance;
- High quality cut;
- Safety and ergonomics of the machine.

1. Filter-ventilation system of extraction-cleaning with the function of self-cleaning of cartridges,
2. High pressure screw compressor for cutting non-ferrous metals,
3. The console crane loading the sheet onto the cutting table,
4. Portal loading system for blank sheet,
5. High pressure line of cutting gas 25-30 Atm
6. Cryogenic gasifier (Used as an alternative to standard gas cylinders in cases of cutting with increased gas consumption (for example, when cutting stainless steels). Volume - 185 liters. The operating time on one gasifier filling is equivalent to the operating time with 40 standard (40-liter) cylinders),
7. Cantilever-type sheet loading system with vacuum gripper,
8. Portal type system for loading sheet and unloading cut parts.