Stage consist of a movable solid iron core with rollers, encoder head and epoxy encapsulated windings (forcer) and fixed steel plate with guide shafts, encoder band and glued permanent magnets (stator). The smoothness of movement is achieved by sinusoidal commutation of motor phases currents.

Available strokes: S =101+64*n mm, where n=1..14; Stage length: L=S+137mm. Cables length is 3 m. Use 4xM4-6H threaded holes for load mounting to forcer carriage; use all Ø4.5/Ø8x4.4 holes for stator mounting to machine stand. To assembly stages to gantry or cross table adjust right angle with precise corner and tight upper stage trough it’s stator holes with 4 screws M4-10 DIN912 strength 8.8 to lower stage’s carriage thread holes crosswise in 3 stages to 40%, 70%, 100% of max torque 2,3Nm. For short strokes axis can be overturned (fixed carriage with windings and cables, movable stator with magnets), screw carriage by 4xM4 threads to stand, and load by 4xØ6.6/Ø11x6.4 holes to stator. Attention: only attraction force 500N forcer’s iron core to stator’s magnets prevents backlash and holds carriage rollers on linear guide shafts, do not apply force over 500N away from stator and tilting torque 23Nm, else carriage will be loose from guide

specs .PDF

SPECIFICATION LT32-87-30-HS1 Unit Value
Peak / Continuous force Fp / Fa (duty cycle S5 10% / S1 100%) N 146 / 47
Bearing friction torque Fb / Cogging (detent) force Fc N 2,5 / 1,5
Viscous friction force N/(m/s) 14
Peak / Continuous current at Fp / Fa Arms 4,9 / 1,5
Inductance L mH 15
Resistance R Ohm 4,5
Maximum velocity Vp / Va at 310 VDC and Fp / Fa m/s 4,0 / 4,0
Carriage / Stator weight (for 229 mm stroke, as shown) kg 1,2 / 3,2
Maximal user payload kg 28
Maximal load tilting torque Nm 23
Straightness, flatness mm 0,05
Position accuracy / Repeatability / Resolution mm 0,07 / 0,005 / 0,001

Solid iron-core three-phase linear synchronous motor with rare-earth magnets for high force density.

Direct linear drive with pitch 32 mm, no gear, no backlash, low profile (height 38 mm)

Compact cost effective solution. Limit stops used as end switches, I2t for overheating protection.

Roller guide with lubricators, magnetic preloaded 500N, sine 1Vpp.magnetic encoder pitch 2 mm

High precision, repeatability and resolution, low cogging, smooth movement.

High motor stiffness and large bandwidth by position regulator with encoder feedback.

Easy mounting to gantries and cross tables by 4 screws only

Pick and place machines, factory automation

LT32-87-30-HS1-IL-RA-229-N-3-N0-A, where LT –Linear table (i.e. motor+bearing+encoder); 32-linear pole pitch, mm; 87-forcer length, mm; 30-magnet width, mm; H-code of internal wiring; S-internal star connection; 1-number of parallel coils; IL-bearing code; RA-magnetic encoder with sinus output 1Vpp, 2 mm pitch; 229-stroke, mm; N-without bellows; 3-Motor cable 3m long; N0-without connector, flying leads; A-Revision number (Standard).