High-performance 3-axis machine tools driven by linear motors are designed to perform precision milling and engraving on various materials.
The use of linear motors completely eliminates the mechanical transmission in the system (there are no wearing ballscrews, gearboxes), and provides high reliability, positioning accuracy, speed of movement and stability of the technical characteristics of the machine.
Strong and rigid steel construction of the machine provides high straightness, orthogonality of the spindle movement in all coordinates and high purity of material processing. An integrated tool cooling system allows you to process materials of high hardness.

Linear motors in all coordinates;
Rigid portal construction;
FFP Technology
compensation of error from the setting action;
Look-Ahead Technology
continuous frame processing technologies;
Support for industry standard NC codes;
Processing a wide range of materials (from wood and plastics to brass, copper, steel);
Coolant station as standard.

- Precision milling and engraving work for various materials;
- Production of cliches, molds for jewelry workshops and printing;
- Manufacture of electrodes for electrical discharge machining of hard alloys;
- Production of highly specialized molds for injection and stamping;
- Engraving: production of plates, signs, serial numbers, design elements, prestigious plates for VIP clients, souvenirs;
- Production of 3D models, coins, medals, commemorative signs;
- Electronics: production of printed circuit boards;
- Woodworking: milling of complex surfaces in the manufacture of furniture.

Standard equipment:

DDM-3D machine on a steel stand;
LSMC-4 control system;
cable set;
manual control panel;
CNC-Host software (import of HPGL files, G-codes, machine control);
operator manual;
programming guide;
coolant station.
Optional components:
spindle KaVo 4060 1.4 kW, 5000-50000 rpm;
collets 3mm, 6mm, a set of keys for changing tools;
frequency converter (IF) LUST CDA-32.008, 1.5 kW;
installation of a spindle of other power / revolutions at the request of the Customer;
tool length sensor;
rotary axis for machining cylindrical surfaces;
tool magazine (for spindle with automatic tool change).


2D+F (3D)

The DDM 2D+F high-performance three-axis machines are designed for high-precision milling and engraving on cylindrical workpieces.


For programmable movement of the spindle to 3 linear coordinates and one axis of rotation on workpieces with a size of 600h500mm (600h380 at a 45-degree slope of the spindle).


High-performance 3-axis machines are designed for precision milling and engraving work on workpieces with a size of 420x320mm.