ELASTIC bellows – innovative line bellows with stabilizing PVC-frame in each fold/ Extermly high dimentional stability and long operation cycles are guaranteed.
  represent the most widely distributed and universally usable product range. As with permanently optimized machinery and equipment, higher demands on protective covering systems have also arisen. Because of the development of laser and plasma cutting machinery, extreme demands on the temperature rating of the materials, up to more than 1,000°C for brief periods, have also arisen. On the other hand, present-day high performance machinery is centered on work with aggressive emulsions, which separate sharp edged chips at high speed and work within very narrow limits. Only the combined protection provided by the metal lamellas on the ELASTIC bellows is adequate here (SAMURAI). Linear motors with acceleration up to 180 meters/minute and beyond, which are increasingly used, require tear-proof but light materials and protective systems. On the other hand, ELASTIC bellows are also finding wider fields of application in medical engineering, in measurement and control systems and in the food industry. They are impermeable to dust and comply with the requirements of the food industry. Bellows are also used increasingly frequently to elevate platform applications in assembly lines in automobile production. Their area of several square meters alone places the highest demands on accuracy and running properties. In nearly all problem areas, a customer-oriented solution can be achieved and produced within a few weeks, with the support of our skilled and committed staff. We specialize in individual development and production for the customer and work with the latest CAD instruments.


  • Laser cutting protection.
  • Protection when working with aggressive emulsions.
  • Protection for operation at high speeds to a limited extent.
  • Wide areas of application in medical equipment and devices for the food industry.
  • Elevator lines in the automotive industry.
  • Lifting platforms.

The SAMURAI bellows are a further direct development of the ELASTIC bellows and offer effective protection against fast, extermly hot and sharp-edged objects. The basic concept corresponds with that of the ELASTIC bellows; here also, a PVC frame is incorporated into every fold to guarantee stability.

The SAMURAI bellows represent special versions of the ELASTIC bellows. Therefore, all materials, shapes, processing types and dimensions can be analogously combined as desired. In addition, the position of the lamellas can be freely selected by the customer. It is possible to fasten lamellas to the front or to any side part, as well as in optional combinations to any side. In addition, because we manufacture the lamellas ourselves, practically all designs, such as inclined or roof designs, can be achieved.


LAMINAT bellows are the original product series and made of multiple layers of syntetic material which allow a wide variety of forms.
Today, LAMINAT bellows are being used in photographic, medical, measuring, musical instrument, control and food processing technology. In the field of traditional plant and machine construction, this product series is used to protect pillars, spindles and shafts. This exploits their inherent qualities to the full: a wide variety of shapes, dimensional stability and flexibility. The design-related limitation of this product series is its low resistance to temperatures and moisture. If this criterion is important to your solution, then you should consider models taken from other series as an alternative. However, there is no problem that cannot be solved within a few weeks with the help of a customer-oriented solution devised by our dedicated employees. We specialize in the development and manufacture of individual solutions for specific customers, using the most modern CAD instruments.


GLADIATOR  – Traditional protection cover made of bended metal boxes which gives walk-on capability and solid durability, even with large amounts of chips. In the case of extreme conditions, the structure can be strengthened with protection like Elastic (as a secondary protection). The penetration of coolants can also be prevented by additional actuators, which however require constant maintenance. An inexpensive standard design is applicable in most cases (maximum width 900 mm).For larger sizes, additional faces are required.