Focusing lens is designed for concentration of the laser beam energy in one point at a certain distance (focal distance). They are made of silicon with special coating to minimize absorption and increase bandwidth.

Focusing lens F=150mm, d25
Focusing lens F=150mm, d38
Focusing lens F=200mm d38
Focusing lens F=200mm d30

Safety Glasses

Protective glass serves for protection of optical elements against metal splashes and contamination in cutting gas. Protective glasses are installed in the lower part of optical scheme. They are made of optical quartz and have a double-sided enlightening coating.

Glass shielding 22,35*3
Glass protective 26,6*5
Glass protective 27*5
Safety glass 37*7
Safety glass 38*9

Ceramic spacers

Ceramic spacer is needed for operation of the capacitive sensor of the optical head, it is used for service behind a surface of the cut sheet.

Ceramic spacer KT B2 Con
Ceramic spacer IPG


Single nozzle R0.8; R1.0; R1.2; R1.5; R1.8; R2.0; R2.5
Nozzle with insert R0.8; R1.0; R1.2; R1.5; R1.8; R2.0; R2.5; R3.0; R4.0; R5.0


Cleaning cloths
Cleaning agent (isopropanol)
Air bottle with compressed air 400ml
Grease for moving parts 0,4 kg
Lint-free cotton swabs
Corrugated tape