Laser metal cutting machine makes modern technology available for small and medium-sized businesses.

The LaserCUT-3015-1 series of machines is the optimal solution for pre-production, guaranteeing high reliability and minimum operating costs due to the use of linear (direct) drive of Ruchservomotor LLC and fiber lasers.


High reliability of the laser system due to the use of a direct drive
(minimum number of mechanical elements)
High precision, repeatable movements;
Maximum productivity
(High cutting speed) in the thickness range from 0.5 to 10mm
Power savings - low power consumption of the coordinate system and high efficiency of the ytterbium laser (up to 35%)
Low operating costs;
Remote access - diagnostics and adjustment of parameters, qualified service support;
Easy maintenance;
Protective cabin - cutting area protection
Software with automatic sheet layout in the basic delivery set;
15 years of laser cutting experience
Well-tested cutting modes with adaptation to the customer's materials

  • three coordinate actuator based on direct drive;
  • IPG fiber laser;
  •  rigid welded base of the machine with a protective cabin of a stationary type;
  • CNC system and electroautomatics;
    process gas supply system (air, nitrogen, oxygen);
  • cutting table pallet type with manual loading;
  • pallets for collecting parts and sheet waste;
  • management console with an industrial PC;
  • CNC Host machine management program;
  • CAD cutting - CNCKad (Metalix) with automatic layout;
  •  fiber laser, power 0.5-2 kW, chiller, optical head with manual / automatic focus;
  • Remote diagnostics, setup via the Internet.

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