Laser metal cutting machine makes modern technology available for small and medium-sized businesses.

The LaserCUT-3015-1 series of machines is the optimal solution for pre-production, guaranteeing high reliability and minimum operating costs due to the use of linear (direct) drive of Ruchservomotor LLC and fiber lasers.

  • three coordinate actuator based on direct drive;
  • IPG fiber laser;
  •  rigid welded base of the machine with a protective cabin of a stationary type;
  • CNC system and electroautomatics;
    process gas supply system (air, nitrogen, oxygen);
  • cutting table pallet type with manual loading;
  • pallets for collecting parts and sheet waste;
  • management console with an industrial PC;
  • CNC Host machine management program;
  • CAD cutting - CNCKad (Metalix) with automatic layout;
  •  fiber laser, power 0.5-2 kW, chiller, optical head with manual / automatic focus;
  • Remote diagnostics, setup via the Internet.




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