LaserCUT laser cutting machines are designed for cutting a wide range of sheet metal (structural and stainless steel, aluminum and other materials) with a thickness of 0.5 to 25 mm;
The portal system based on linear engines of the Rukhservomotor company is characterized by a guaranteed margin for all accuracy and dynamic indicators, providing reliable
long-term operation of equipment in workshop conditions.
Series 3015-4 is the most productive solution in the line of machine tools of our company. The highest performance of this series is recommended for medium and large enterprises. A wide selection of additional options provides maximum complex performance and minimum downtime.

Work zone
X axis, mm                                         3050
Axis Y, mm                                         1550
Z axis, mm                                           100
Max. Weight, kg                                 900
Max. speed
Idling, X/Y/Z m/min                          120/120/60
Working movement, X/Y/Z m/min     60/60/40
Positioning, mm / m                               0.05
Repeatability, mm / m                            0.01
Overall dimensions and weight of the machine
Length, mm                                              7 955
Width, mm                                               3 060
Height, mm                                              2 200
Weight, kg                                             ~ 7 500
Installed equipment power, kW       ~ 40
Total power consumption, kW          ~ 26

Main advantages:

- High accuracy and speed of contour processing of sheet material;
- No need for highly purified gases to protect the optical energy transmission path;
- Efficiency of technological processes of cutting;
- Low operating costs for machine maintenance;
- Optimum performance;
- High quality cut;
- Safety and ergonomics of the machine.

Rigid welded heat treated milled bed
Gantry coordinate system
High precision linear guides
Linear drive of axes X, Y, Z
IPG Photonics Ytterbium Fiber Laser
Water / air cooling system (chiller)
Auto / Manual Lens Laser Optical Head
Operator stand (IP65, with 15 ”industrial LCD display, stationary machine control panel, extendable keyboard)
Cnc-Host Software
CncKAD Auto Layout Software (Metalix)
Automatic gas console, 3 gases (1 gas up to 6 atm., 2 gases up to 16 atm.)
Cabinet protection of a cutting zone with access to a desktop
Automated shuttle desk
Laser barrier to protect personnel
Operator Safety Glasses
Set of spare parts
Commissioning and staff training

1. Filter-ventilation system for exhaust-cleaning with the function of self-cleaning cartridges,
2. High pressure screw compressor for cutting non-ferrous metals,
3. The console crane loading the sheet on the cutting table,
4. Portal loading system for blank sheet
5. The option is a high-pressure line of cutting gas 25-30 bar,
6. cryogenic gasifier (Used as an alternative to standard gas cylinders in cases of cutting with increased gas consumption (for example, when cutting stainless steels). Volume - 185 liters. Operating time at one gasifier refueling is equivalent to working time with 40 standard (40-liter) cylinders).