LaserCUT laser cutting machines are designed for cutting a wide range of sheet metal (structural and stainless steel, aluminum and other materials) up to 6x2m in size and from 0.5 to 24mm thick;
The portal system based on linear engines of the Ruchservomotor company is characterized by a guaranteed margin for all accuracy and dynamic indicators, providing reliable
long-term operation of equipment in workshop conditions.
Basic technical data:
-program control of the movement of the laser head along the axes X, Y, Z;
-automatically ensuring a constant gap between the laser head and the workpiece;
-minimum number of idle movements along the Z axis;
- the speed of idle movements along the axes X, Y - not less than 180 m / min;
-axial acceleration - up to 1.5g;
-contour acceleration - up to 1.5g;
- error of repeated positioning - ± 0.05 mm;
-fixing shuttle tables during processing;
-protection of guides and engines from dust and combustion products;

Standard equipment:

• Base of laser cutting machine with protective cabin
• Two-pallet cutting table with automatic loading of pallets in the cutting area
• Surface Tracking System Unit
• Fiber laser of IRE-Polyus company with power from 1 to 6 kW
• Linear motor control systems - LSMS-5-E servo controller
• cncKAD technologist software


- High accuracy and speed of contour processing of sheet material;
- No need for highly purified gases to protect the optical energy transmission path;
- Efficiency of technological processes of cutting;
- Low operating costs for machine maintenance;
- Optimum performance;
- High quality cut;
- Safety and ergonomics of the machine.

Rigid welded heat treated milled bed
Gantry coordinate system
High precision linear guides
Linear drive of axes X, Y, Z
IPG Photonics 2-6 kW Ytterbium Fiber Laser
Water / air cooling system (chiller)
Auto / Manual Lens Laser Optical Head
Operator stand (IP65, with 15 ”industrial LCD display, stationary machine control panel, extendable keyboard)
Cnc-Host Software
CncKAD Auto Layout Software (Metalix)
Automatic gas console 3 gases (1 gas up to 6 atm., 2 gases up to 16 atm.)
Cabinet protection of a cutting zone with access to a desktop
Automated shuttle table with 2 pallets for sheet 6x2m
Laser barrier to protect personnel
Operator Safety Glasses
Set of spare parts
Commissioning and staff training

1. Filter-ventilation system for exhaust-cleaning with the function of self-cleaning cartridges,
2. High pressure screw compressor for cutting non-ferrous metals,
3. A jib crane for loading a sheet onto a cutting table,
4. Portal loading system for blank sheet
5. An optional  high-pressure line of cutting gas 25-30Atm,
6. cryogenic gasifier