The motor contains a fixed groove magnetic circuit with a three-phase winding (anchor) filled with a heat-conducting compound (anchor) and a movable stator in the form of a steel channel with glued rare-earth magnets. The smoothness of the stroke is ensured by the sinusoidal modulation of the phase currents by the servo controller according to the linear encoder signals.

LT24 datasheet

LT26 datasheet

Iron-core three-phase linear synchronous motor with rare-earth magnets for high force density.
Direct drive (no gear, no backlash), compact dimensions LxBxH (55x39x68) mm
Optimal solution for short vertical strokes, fixed coils and head, movable magnets, no power chain
Preloaded linear ball guide, sine magnetic encoder, thermistors for overheating protection.
High motor stiffness and large bandwidth by position regulator with encoder feedback.h precision, repeatability and resolution, low cogging, smooth movement.

Industrial Automation

Z-Axis for pick and place machines

Наименование Velocity , m/sContinuous force, NContinuos current, ArmsInductance, mHResistance , OhmForcer weight, kg
LT26-125-30-GS1-KF-RA-40-N-N0-Z 4483.
LT26-125-50-GS1-KF-RA-40-N-N0-Z 4.5903.
LT26-65-25-HS1-KF-RA-10-N-N0-Z 5212.24.52.21
LT26-65-50-HS1-KF-RA-10-N-N0-Z 1.5422.