Structurally, the linear axis consists of an aluminum profile with integrated linear guides, a linear motor and a measuring system.
The linear motor consists of an anchor with electromagnetic modules and a magnetic road.
The magnetic road is fixedly attached to the aluminum profile.
An anchor is attached to the axle carriage.
The carriage is simultaneously a drive element and a contact pad for mounting the user's load or connection into a more complex coordinate system

  • High dynamic performance, maximum acceleration up to 4g.
  • Direct gearless drive - lack of backlash and vibration at large movements
  • Horizontal or vertical layout.
  • Built-in feedback sensor.
  • Modular design, easy to assemble into portal structures. The linear axis based on synchronous motors has high dynamic characteristics and good rigidity.

  • packing machines
  • manipulator
  • mechatronic units.

Product series

Cost effective linear stages on roller guide

Lifting axis Z LT26

Linear axes LSMM-T-24-110-50-C-HS-100-A

A linear table based on synchronous motors is designed to create coordinate systems with high dynamic characteristics

Linear motor LSMA-T-32

Linear stage based on linear synchronous motor, built in an aluminium profile