A rotary synchronous table of the RSMR-T-24 series consists of a fixed part (stator) with a three-phase winding system filled with a heat-conducting compound and a steel ring (rotor) with permanent rare-earth magnets glued on.
The uniformity of movement is achieved due to sinusoidal current commutation in the motor windings.
The force is transmitted directly through the air gap, i.e. there is no mechanical transmission.
This guarantees high precision and dynamic parameters and engine reliability.

The RSMR-T-24 tables feature a large hollow shaft diameter and low installation height due to their axial flux design. The toothed magnetic circuit provides a high specific moment. The tables are equipped with an incremental optical encoder providing high accuracy, resolution and repeatability.

To reduce the table height, the rotor is thin-walled.
To achieve the specified accuracy and runout, a rigid faceplate with a flatness of at least 0.01 mm must be attached to the rotor.

Low height (42mm), hollow shaft (max. Diameter 112mm), no mechanical transmission, high accuracy, stability and resolution, no backlash, smooth movement.

Semiconductor industry, assembly and transport operations, indexing tables.

Наименование Continuos current, ArmsPower, kWTorque, NmInner diameter, mmOuter diameter, mmMotor height, mmNumber of poles pairsVelocity , rpmResistance , OhmInductance, mHRecommended supply voltage DCDrawing PDF3D model
RSMR-T-24-127-25-C-HS1-KF-SA-3000-N0-A 2.40.1171281282213150511220
RSMR-T-24-145-25-C-GS1-SH-RA-3000-N0-A 5.10.71720024542173932.915220
RSMR-T-24-237-25-C-GS1-SH-RA-3000-N0-A 5.11.44229033042313254.323220