The table motor consists of a fixed laden stator with a three-phase winding system filled with a heat-conducting compound and a rotating steel rotor with glued rare-earth permanent magnets.
The uniformity of movement and the accuracy of positioning is achieved by sinusoidal modulation of the stator currents and the regulation of their amplitude by the servo controller depending on the position mismatch.

  • Ironless three-phase synchronous torque servo motor.
  • Gearless disk drive, lack of backlash and gearing moment.
  • Low height 22 mm, hollow shaft d 55.5 mm.
  • Integrated precision angular contact ball bearing
  • Sine inductive incremental encoder, overheat protection thermistors.
  • High accuracy, repeatability, resolution, uniformity of speed

Dividing tables and heads, assembly machines, globe tables.

Наименование Continuos current, ArmsTorque, NmVelocity , rpmInductance, mHPower, kWResistance , OhmRecommended supply voltage DCDrawing PDF3D model
RSMR-T-32-78-25-C-HS1-KF-AM-3000-N0-B 2.40.69002.20.063.5220
RSMR-T-36-115-25-C-HS1-KF-AM-3000-N0-A 2.61.719004.10.475.5220
RSMR-T-36-180-25-C-HS1-KF-AM-3000-N0-A 2.74.160060.38.3220
RSMR-T-36-231-25-C-HS1-KF-AM-3000-N0-A 2.68630100.511.3220
RSMR-T-36-282-25-C-HS1-KF-AM-3000-N0-A 2.610.4395100.513.9220
RSMR-T-36-333-25-C-HS1-KF-AM-3000-N0-A 2.618260140.416.5220
RSMR-T-36-409-25-С-HT1-KF-AD-3000-N0-A 4.22329050.77.4220
RSMR-T-36-460-25-C-HT1-KD-AM-3000-N0-A 4.22822760.68.3220
RSMR-T-36-562-25-C-HT1-KF-AM-3000-N0-A 4.14512580.611220