The dividing table is designed for quick turns in start - stop mode.
The four-point angular contact ball bearing is highly rigid, allows loading in any direction and any location of the axis of rotation (vertical, horizontal, angled, upside down)
Table rotation with a maximum frequency of 1400 rpm is limited by grease and should not last more than 5 seconds, continuous rotation at maximum frequency reduces bearing life.

Dividing tables and heads, assembly machines

• Three-phase synchronous high-torque servomotor with an external rotor.
• Gearless drive, no backlash, low height 50 mm, hollow shaft d = 44 mm.
• Built-in precision angular contact ball bearing, IP20 protection.
• Sine inductive incremental encoder, overheat protection thermistors.
• High accuracy, repeatability, resolution, uniformity of speed.

Наименование Velocity , rpmTorque, NmContinuos current, ArmsInductance, mHPower, kWRecommended supply voltage DCResistance , Ohm
RT24-93-25-C-HS1-KF-AM-3000-N0-H 6004.52.7110.32204.7
RT24-93-50-C-HS1-KF-AM-3000-N0-B 55911.13.4210.72205
RT24-93-75-C-HS1-KF-AM-3000-N0-B 34017.33.5320.62206.5