A linear synchronous motor consists of a moving part - an anchor and one or more magnetic roads - stators.
The anchor contains a toothed magnetic circuit with a three-phase winding laid in the grooves, filled with a heat-conducting compound.
The stator consists of alternating polarity rare-earth magnets glued to a steel plate.
The number and length of stators is determined by the required movement.

- Low profile
- high accuracy, repeatability and resolution, high dynamics characteristics,
- absence of mechanical transmission,
- no backlash,
- attraction force between forcer and magnet way is used for preload of linear bearing.

assembly and other technological equipment (milling and drilling machines;
laser cutting machines, cutting tables, precision positioners, etc.).

C32-167-50-C-HT1-1000-N0-B, where LC32-тип, 167-Length of forcer, 50-width of Iron core, C-no cooling, HT1 - Coil wire code, 1000-length of Motor cable, N0-N0-no connector , B-bottom mounting,

Example order key - Secondary part (stator, magnet way with permanent magnets):
LW32-512-50-A, где LW32-тип, 512 (ore 256,128,64-length), 50-width of Iron core, A-top mounting,

The forcer includes a coil unit that is encapsulated in thermally conductive epoxy.
The magnet way is made of high-energy rare-earth magnets glued on a steel plate.
An air gap between forcer and magnets must be maintained according to the specified dimension tolerances for proper operation of motor.
The iron-core motors are equipped by one magnet way (track), placed under the forcer.
Therefore high attraction force is appear between magnet way and forcer.
This force guarantee high rigidity of linear system, provide preload for linear guideways.
The high magnetic attraction force is between magnet way and forcer. This feature garantee high rigidity of linear system, provide preloading on linear guideways system.

Наименование Peak force, NContinuous force, NContinuos current, ArmsVelocity , m/sForcer weight, kgInductance, mHResistance , OhmPower, kWDatasheetPhotoDrawing PDFDrawing DWG3D model
LC32-167-30-C-HS1-1000-N0-B 459951.54.71.7248.70.5
LC32-167-50-C-HS1-1000-N0-B 7651641.62.72.44011.70.5
LC32-167-75-C-GS1-1000-N0-B 11472733.43.72.6163.41.1
LC32-247-30-C-HS1-1000-N0-B 6881421.55.52.53613.10.9
LC32-247-50-C-HS1-1000-N0-B 11472441.63.22.75917.60.9
LC32-247-75-C-GS1-1000-N0-B 17214073.44.43.8235.21.9
LC32-87-30-C-HS1-1000-N0-B 226491.560.9124.40.5
LC32-87-50-C-HS1-1000-N0-B 382841.65.81.3205.90.6
LC32-87-75-C-HS1-1000-N0-B 5741281.63.81.7307.70.6