Torque motors are designed as direct drives. Torque motors are frameless equipment motors. |
Thith motors consist of permanent-magnet rotor and laminated stator.
Ruchservomotor JV designed and produced three series of torque motors: torque motors for instrument-industry (series RM-24, series RSMR-24) and for machine-building industry (series RM-36).
The feature of synchronous motors series RM-24 is small dimensions for low dimensions(profile) position systems.

Motor consist of a fixed lamination stack with epoxy molded windings (stator)
and rotated steel ring with glued permanent magnets (rotor).
User should install bearing and encoder.
Motor is compatible with standard servo controllers.

Indexing tables and gimbals for mobile applications with battery supply; azimuth-drive motor.

- Iron-core three-phase rotary synchronous motor with rare-earth magnets for high force density;
- Direct drive (no gear, no backlash), small height 22 mm with big hollow shaft (O104 mm);
- Low weight 1,6kg, easy centering by fit diameters and mounting by thread holes.

Наименование Torque, NmVelocity , rpmContinuos current, Armsforcer height, mmForcer weight, kgInductance, mHResistance , OhmRecommended supply voltage DCpole pairsDatasheetDrawing PDFDrawing DWG
RM24-120-20-C-ES1 8.8567.6330.51.21.22814
RM24-120-20-C-ET1 8.825613.1330.50.30.42814