The Ruchservomotor company has been developing and manufacturing laser cutting machines for sheet metal since 2004, using the most advanced scientific and technical achievements. Own production facilities guarantee high quality of the equipment produced, a high level of service and confidence that the unit you need will be delivered during the entire life of the machine.

In the manufacture of the machine coordinate system, direct drives of Ruchservomotor LLC are used with a guaranteed margin in accuracy and dynamic indicators, which ensure reliable long-term operation of equipment in workshop conditions. The machines are equipped with fiber optic ytterbium lasers with a power of 0.5-8 kW produced by NTO IRE-Polyus

Main advantages:

- the coordinate system on linear motors provides a high resource and reliability of the machine,
- high accuracy and speed of contour processing of sheet material;
- no need for highly purified gases to protect the optical energy transmission path;
- efficiency of technological processes of cutting;
- low operating costs for machine maintenance;
- optimum performance;
- high quality cut;
- convenient approach to the cut sheet from 3 sides.
- safety (protective cabin as standard) and ergonomic machine.

Advantages of ytterbium fiber laser:

- high reliability, a large resource of diodes,
Low operating costs
- low power consumption in comparison with CO2 systems,
- high quality and stability of radiation,
- cuts stainless and galvanized steel, brass, aluminum, copper, titanium.

Comparison of fiber and CO2 laser maintenance costs

Product series

1. LaserCut-3015-4

LaserCut-3015-4 is the most productive model in the company's line of machines. Recommended for medium and large businesses. A wide selection of additional options ensures maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

2. LaserCut-3015-1

LaserCUT-3015-1 laser cutting machine makes modern technology available for small and medium-sized businesses.
Series 3015-1 is the optimal solution for pre-production, guaranteeing high reliability and minimum operating costs due to the use of linear (direct) drive LLC Ruchservomotor and fiber lasers.

3. LaserCut 6020

Sheet cutting machines 6 * 2m in size with 2 automated pallets, sheet cutting up to 25mm thick

4. Custom sheet machines

Cutting machines for sheets from 1.25x1.5m to 12.0x3m


Module for cutting pipe billets with a length of 1 to 3 m and a diameter of 25 to 160 mm with manual loading


All the necessary consumables for our products are available in our warehouse.