RM engine consists of a fixed part (stator) RPxx and a rotating ring (rotor) RSxx.
The stator contains a group of coils filled with a heat-conducting compound.
The rotor consists of a steel ring with glued permanent magnets.
Smoothness of movement is achieved due to sinusoidal current switching in the motor windings.
The force is transmitted directly through the air gap, i.e. no mechanical transmission.
This provides high dynamic and accuracy parameters of the engine, reliability.

  • lack of mechanical transmission,
  • high accuracy,
  • high resolution and smooth movement,
  • ease of embedding.

The stator and rotor are mounted landing on the rotary table of the user, additionally containing a hub, bearing and encoder (angle sensor)

The table is controlled by a servo controller and CNC (PLC)

Product series

RM24 Series

RM36 Series

Motors are designed for use in industrial automation with a torque from 61 to 10330 Nm and a diameter of 350-1232 mm
The motors are characterized by low height, high specific and low tooth moment, hollow shaft 205-1087mm.

Special torque motors