Ruchservomotor LLC designs and manufactures a full range of linear and rotary synchronous motors, planar stepper motors, multi-axis positioning systems, milling and engraving machines, laser metal cutting machines, laser marking machines, control systems and software.

Direct drive compares favorably with standard drives with direct conversion of electromagnetic energy into linear (or rotary) movement. Structurally, it consists of two parts: a moving armature with windings and a fixed stator with rare earth magnets. There are no parts subject to wear and friction in the direct drive, which guarantees high precision and dynamic characteristics of the drive that do not change over time.

The modular design and the absence of mechanical gears allow the creation of precision multi-axis systems.

We also carry out the design development, production and delivery of precision multi-axis systems to order of the client. Many years of experience in the field of precise movements guarantees high quality and competitiveness of the equipment manufactured.

Ruchservomotor LLC supplies components for servo drives: precision rolling guides, linear rolling bearings, corrugated protection, telescopic and rolling protection for machine tools, controllers for synchronous and asynchronous motors with power up to 150 kW.