The technological complex MLS-10-2DF is designed for surface laser-thermal hardening of end, flat and radial surfaces of rotation parts. The complex strengthens the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, splines.


The coordinate system is made on linear drives.
The working area is closed with a protective cover. It is delivered complete with a fiber laser with a power of 1-1.5 kW depending on the grade of the workpiece material and the load on the equipment.


Moving along the X coordinate, mm 300
Moving along the coordinate Y, mm 600
Moving along the coordinate Z, mm 400
Moving along the coordinate A, deg. 360
Power, kW 2

Hardening Type – Multipass
Hardening track width, 2-5 mm
Max. distance between hardening tracks, 3 mm
Hardening layer depth *, 0.4 mm
Mid track hardness, 73HRA *
* – value for medium carbon steels of grades 40X and steel 45